Climate Policy Guide for Business Leaders from Climate Voice

The Climate Voice initiative provides a wealth of resources for employees, students, and business leaders to help their institutions “go all in” as leaders in climate and sustainability policies. “This is an extraordinary moment of opportunity for climate policy — with rising levels of public concern powering major new policy initiatives at the federal, state and local levels. On Earth Day (April 22), President Biden pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions nearly in half by 2030. We need strong leadership in the United States, and in every other country, to make progress at the speed and scale required to help keep warming below 1.5°C — the goal set by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”

“It’s time for companies to use their influence and lobby for bold climate policies — everywhere they operate and at every level of government. The first step is for business leaders to shift their mindsets about climate from a position of narrow self-interest toward a strategic approach that views climate both as an existential business threat and an enormous opportunity to help build the future.” Read more at