PLM Green Examples

A priority mission of the PLM Green Global Alliance is to create a curated compendium of PLM Green resources, examples and case studies from around the world illustrating the use of PLM-enabling strategies, technologies and software solutions to address the causes and consequences of climate change, due to human-generated greenhouse gas emissions, which can contribute to a more sustainable low-carbon circular economy.

Within our first PLM Green Theme on the intersection of PLM and Climate Change, the example application areas will include but are not limited to the following subtopics:

  • make products and processes more energy efficient and sustainable
  • find and develop new sources of renewable green energy
  • decarbonize entire industries and economies
  • store and transmit alternative energy supplies
  • reduce or sequester human-made carbon emissions
  • capture naturally produced greenhouse and methane gasses
  • pioneer and deploy green manufacturing processes
  • design products and their lifecycles to be environmentally friendly
  • simulate and test global geoengineering technologies as solutions
  • recycle, reuse, or repurpose assets, materials, and natural resources
  • support and accelerate the transformation to a circular economy
  • minimize and mitigate the damage to infrastructures by global warming
  • monitor a warming planet, changing weather patterns, and impact of climate change on ecosystems
  • enhance the robustness, resiliency and sustainability of industries, communities and economies

In addition to the below examples, visit our PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group where we have begun to share and discuss example applications. We invite you to join the group then post examples you come across in your job, education, company, industry, or country. Visit our PLM Green Resources page to view general references that are not examples.

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PLM Green Examples - A compendium of case study examples illustrating the use of PLM-enabling technologies that address the causes and consequences of climate change Continue Reading