PLM Green Examples

A priority mission of the PLM Green Global Alliance is to create a curated compendium of PLM Green resources, examples and case studies from around the world illustrating the use of PLM-enabling strategies, technologies and software solutions to address the causes and consequences of climate change, due to human-generated greenhouse gas emissions, which can contribute to a more sustainable low-carbon circular economy.

Within our first PLM Green Theme on the intersection of PLM and Climate Change, the example application areas will include but are not limited to the following subtopics:

  • make products and processes more energy efficient and sustainable
  • find and develop new sources of renewable green energy
  • decarbonize entire industries and economies
  • store and transmit alternative energy supplies
  • reduce or sequester human-made carbon emissions
  • capture naturally produced greenhouse and methane gasses
  • pioneer and deploy green manufacturing processes
  • design products and their lifecycles to be environmentally friendly
  • simulate and test global geoengineering technologies as solutions
  • recycle, reuse, or repurpose assets, materials, and natural resources
  • support and accelerate the transformation to a circular economy
  • minimize and mitigate the damage to infrastructures by global warming
  • monitor a warming planet, changing weather patterns, and impact of climate change on ecosystems
  • enhance the robustness, resiliency and sustainability of industries, communities and economies

In addition to the below examples, visit our PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group where we have begun to share and discuss example applications. We invite you to join the group then post examples you come across in your job, education, company, industry, or country. Visit our PLM Green Resources page to view general references that are not examples.

Building Green Configuration Into Manufacturing Processes - (April, 2022) Johan Salenstedt, CEO at configuration lifecycle management solutions Configit, explores the benefits of green configuration in manufacturing in this article and interview published on Manufacturing Digital Magazine. "Concerns around climate change and environmental protection have given rise to the concept of “green configuration,” wherein a configurator can show… Continue Reading
Ansys Enables Complex Safety Design for Vestas Wind Turbine - PITTSBURGH, PA, March 22, 2022 – Long-term Ansys customer Vestas extended its use of Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) simulation across its entire product chain to help it create safer wind turbine control solutions. Ansys solutions enabled a more complex wind turbine control system design that delivers additional value and numerous competitive… Continue Reading
Discussing Sustainability with Autodesk - The PLM Green Global Alliance recently hosted its second panel discussion exploring sustainability topics with PLM-enabling technology and solution software providers. These forums expand upon our recent article on the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability by examining the progress in sustainability being made by solution providers, their partners, and customers.… Continue Reading
Dassault Systèmes Introduces Life Cycle Assessment Solution - VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France — February 24, 2022 — Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: FR0014003TT8, DSY.PA) today announced the launch of “Sustainable Innovation Intelligence,” its life cycle assessment solution that enables companies to minimize the environmental impacts of the products, materials and processes they create and help drive the circular economy. Fully embedded in… Continue Reading
Hydrogen Electric Aviation from ZeroAvia - "ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation, focused on hydrogen-electric aviation solutions to address a variety of markets, initially targeting 500-mile range in 10–20 seat aircraft used for commercial passenger transport, cargo, agriculture, and more. Based in the UK and USA, ZeroAvia has already secured experimental certificates for its two… Continue Reading
Discussing Sustainability with PLM Solution Provider SAP - The PLM Green Global Alliance recently hosted its first in a series of panel discussions and interviews that will explore sustainability topics with enterprise PLM solution providers. These forums will extend our recent article on the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability where we next hope to learn about examples of… Continue Reading
Digital Twins Enable Sustainability from Addnode Group - The Addnode Group of European companies has keen focus on the use of PLM-enabling technologies, like Digital Twins, to address the challenge of sustainability. They reference numerous examples in a new report that explores the role of Digital Twins in sustainability. In the report, the authors write: "Digital Twins are… Continue Reading
Hydrogen Electric Powered Regional Jets - This green aviation example from Aviation Week describes how "proponents of hydrogen-electric propulsion are pushing deeper into short-haul air transportation with deals that could see the conversion of large turboprops and regional jets and the first zero-emissions commercial passenger flights with smaller aircraft as soon as 2024." The article goes… Continue Reading
GHGSat Methane Emissions Monitoring - A new generation of orbiting satellites is producing remote sensing data to help visualize and identify sources of Greenhouse Emissions emissions, like those from methane. This example image from a recent BBC article is produced by GHGSat's Pulse interactive mapping solution Methane is a more powerful GHG, compared to carbon… Continue Reading
Designing for Sustainability with CAE Simulation from NAFEMS - This timely article in NAFEMS Benchmark, authored by MSC Software Vice President Keith Hanna, explores the role of CAE simulation in the conceptualization, design, prototyping, operational use, and recycling of greener products that contribute to a more sustainable economy and planet. Specific examples of the use of simulation referenced in… Continue Reading
Carbon Capture From Climeworks and Accenture - Climeworks and Accenture are collaborating to use new digital technologies to develop a carbon direct air capture and storage plant in Iceland. The carbon removed from the atmosphere will be sequestered underground where in two years it will turn to stone. This can certainly help as one component… Continue Reading
Battery Modeling from COMSOL - As more products, industries and economies become electrified to meet greenhouse gas emission goals, the performance of batteries and sustainability of their production is becoming increasing important. has published a new white paper on battery modeling using multiphysics simulation software from CAE solution provider COMSOL. The authors write that… Continue Reading
Sustainable Aviation Requirements from ADSE - Aviation is reported to be responsible for up to 2% of all human-generated CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Reducing emissions from regional aircraft is especially important because they spend more of their flight time during short legs in less-efficient ascending power. As part of the EU's Horizon 2020 program, the… Continue Reading
Product Lifecycle Management in Support of Green Manufacturing - The technical paper "Product Lifecycle Management in Support of Green Manufacturing: Addressing the Challenges of Global Climate Change" is one of the earliest publications on the intersection of PLM and climate change. It was first published in the International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management. The authors Ligia-Varinia Barreto, Hannah… Continue Reading
Six Ways to Monitor Environmental Footprint from XLM Solutions - In this post the author and PLM Green Global Alliance contributor Ilan Madjar from XLM Solutions writes: "Today, the topic of climate change and environmental awareness is at the forefront of society’s thoughts and actions as well as affecting governmental policies. Every day there is growing awareness of the problems… Continue Reading
Digital Sustainability: The Path to Net Zero from Autodesk - The whitepaper "Digital Sustainability: The Path to Net Zero for Design & Manufacturing and Architectural Engineering & Construction Industries" explores the growing importance of sustainability goals for companies in AEC and MFG markets across Europe. Frost & Sullivan in partnership with Autodesk published this whitepaper with results of a quantitative… Continue Reading
Design for Sustainability from MSC - Hexagon MSC Software addresses the use of CAE software in the Design for Sustainability - "Manufacturing processes today span everything from aerospace to automotive, chemical processing to oil & gas, and electronics to shipbuilding. Yet, all these contribute to CO2 emissions and environmental pollution as well as intensive use of… Continue Reading
Hydrogen Powered Regional Aircraft from ZeroAvia - "Propelling their mission towards delivering airlines zero-carbon, hydrogen-fueled flight, ZeroAvia is launching the development program for a 2MW hydrogen-electric powertrain for full-size regional aircraft. The program kick-off is supported by a new raise of $24.3 million, led by Horizons Ventures, joined by a new investor British Airways. Existing investors Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Ecosystem Integrity… Continue Reading
European Green Hydrogen Infrastructure - PLM Green Moderator Bjorn Fidjeland shares good news about a consortium to develop a green energy hydrogen infrastructure in this European news release about: "The seven companies in the GET H2 initiative are working to facilitate green hydrogen in refineries, steel production and other industrial uses, which could reduce 16m… Continue Reading
Virtual Twins and Sustainability - A report from Dassault Systemes and Accenture on the role of virtual twins in accelerating sustainability advocates the transformation of industry that will be needed to achieve sustainability goals by 2030 by developing new ways of managing products and services over their entire lifecycle using virtual digital twins. The paper examines… Continue Reading
A New Green Widebody Aircraft Concept - According to Our World in Data, before the pandemic global aviation was responsible for about 2.5% of all CO2 emissions, or nearly 1 billion tonnes per year. This green news from Simply Flying, the world's largest aviation news website, profiles "A new concept widebody aircraft has been unveiled by an… Continue Reading
Digital Twin of the Earth - From the World Economic Forum post on "Scientists are developing a digital twin of the Earth to fight climate change" the author Simone Ulmer writes "To become climate neutral by 2050, the European Union launched two ambitious programmes: "Green Deal" and "Digital Strategy". As a key component of their successful… Continue Reading
MethaneSAT to Monitor Methane Emissions - "MethaneSAT will locate and measure methane emissions from oil and gas operations almost anywhere on Earth, producing quantitative data that will enable both companies and countries to identify, manage, and reduce their methane emissions, slowing the rate at which our planet is warming." Methane is a far more dangerous as… Continue Reading
Digital Twins for Hydroelectric Power from Akselos - This green energy case study from Akselos profiles the use of Digital Twin modeling and CAE simulation in hydroelectric power generation that uses pumped storage where a reservoir is filled with water at times of excess power availability. Read more details HERE. Continue Reading
Riversimple and Siemens Collaborate on Hydrogen Vehicle Production - Riversimple and Siemens have begun collaborating towards sustainability and circular economy in the auto industry by preparing for the manufacture of Riversimple’s new hydrogen powered electric vehicle, the Rasa.  Read more HERE. Continue Reading
Minesto and TECHNIA Collaborate to Develop Renewable Energy - This green energy example from the PLM solution provider TECHNIA illustrates the application of PLM technologies, like those available from their partner Dassault Systemes, to develop renewable energy from ocean and tidal currents. Read more HERE. Continue Reading
Cummins Planet 2050 - This Digital Engineering article describes the Cummins PLANET 2050 sustainability initiative to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 while reducing consumption of natural resources. Continue Reading
How Can PLM Make Sustainable Fashion Attainable from WhichPLM - In this blog post on "How Can PLM Make Sustainable Fashion Attainable" from WhichPLM the authors write "Long-term sustainability can create a stable environment for the employees and the business itself while preserving the planet and causing the least damage possible...This is where PLM comes into play." Read more HERE. Continue Reading
You Can Save The Planet - This whitepaper “You Can Save The Planet With Design and Engineering Simulation” is from Keith Hanna, Vice President of Marketing at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, who writes "Manufacturing processes today span everything from aerospace to automotive, energy generation to oil & gas, and electronics to shipbuilding. Yet, all these contribute to… Continue Reading
PLM Green Examples - A compendium of case study examples illustrating the use of PLM-enabling technologies that address the causes and consequences of climate change Continue Reading