PLM and Green Energy

Summary & Goals

The goal of the PLM and Green Energy working group within the PLM Green Global Alliance is to promote discussion and awareness of how Plant & Product Lifecycle Management strategies and enabling technologies can support the transition to green renewable energy sources.

Focus & Objectives

It is our firm belief that Plant & Product Lifecycle Management philosophies, strategies, systems, and software can play an important role to safely and more cost effectively:

  • design, build, operate, maintain and decommission green energy production plants
  • operate and maintain future energy storage units and distribution grids
  • design, build, operate and maintain production facilities for products needed in the transition to green and renewable energy
  • design, build, service and operate products needed to achieve a net zero emission society

Our objective is to share experiences, examples, and best practices in a collaborative mode to promote discussion, learning, and understanding with respect to the mentioned focus areas. We also plan to publish our own “industry heads up” news, articles and case studies illustrating all that is happening in the global race towards “going green” and a low-carbon economy.

Agenda & Activities

We will be pursuing the stated objectives by an agenda composed of a number of elements including focus groups, published articles and blog posts, recorded interviews, industry surveys, and cooperative events and alliances with other organizations. These objectives will be developed and prioritized in collaboration with members using small discussion groups. Follow our progress by signing up to receive our news HERE or joining our PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group.

Announcements & Updates

Check back soon as we finalize and announce our activities for 2021, or register HERE to receive our news updates.

Invitation to Participate & Collaborate

To participate in our PLM and Green Energy group, we invite you to first join the PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group at then contact our moderator Bjorn Fidjeland HERE.

References & Resources

Coming soon to this page will be a curated list of featured white papers, articles, presentations, case studies, webinars, surveys, and interviews on the role of PLM-enabling technologies in addressing the need for renewable Green Energy sources. Until then we invite you to send us examples you have come across in your own job, company, education, or industry to