PLM Green Resources

This new PLM Green Alliance website page will offer a comprehensive collection of useful resources and technical references on the contributions of PLM-enabling technologies and software solutions to Renewable Energy, Greener Products, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Climate Change, Zero Carbon, Industry 4.0, and much more.

The references we are now collecting will include: white papers, articles, journal publications, blog posts, webinars, interviews, newsletters, presentations, recorded videos, conferences, and profiles of consulting service and software providers working in this space.

Send us your suggestions to be included, along with a link to the original source so we may obtain approval to reference it, to In addition to the submissions below you can find other resources referenced in the news feed of our PLM Green LinkedIn Group which we invite you to join now.

Here’s the start of our resource library and check back soon as we build it out.

Will the Circular Economy Save the Planet? - What is the "Circular Economy" and what is its role in the production of durable consumer products? Read more in this timely article from Sierra Magazine HERE. Continue Reading
GHG Emissions by Sector from Our World in Data Greenhous Gas Emissions by Sector - The data from Our World in Data is a useful resource about the source of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions by sector of the economy, and thus where PLM technologies may have the most value. Continue Reading Climate Change News Digest December 2020 - This month's Climate Change News Digest has much good news, research, and announcements to share from around the world. In a meeting of world leaders on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate accord, and one month after the US officially left it, President-elect Joe Biden restated his pledge for the US to rejoin. Heads of state and government officials… Continue Reading
European Climate Pact Announcement - The European Commission has announced the European Climate Pact which is an EU-wide initiative that invites people, communities and organisations to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe. Visit their multi-language website HERE. Continue Reading
Sustainable Development Goals - The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) provide a number of objectives that address climate change which also indicate where the application of PLM-enabling technologies may be most valuable. Continue Reading
Climate Change News Digest November 2020 - For a digest of climate change news from around the world, read the latest edition of Bearing Witness to Climate Change November 2020. There is hope and much good news this month.  Read more HERE. Continue Reading
You Can Save The Planet - The first reference that has been submitted is a whitepaper from Keith Hanna, Vice President of Marketing at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, on “You Can Save The Planet With Design and Engineering Simulation”. Manufacturing processes today span everything from aerospace to automotive, energy generation to oil & gas, and electronics to shipbuilding. Yet, all these contribute to emissions and environmental pollution… Continue Reading
PLM Green Discussion on Exponential Roadmap - On Friday, December 4, the PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA) will host a live moderated discussion among its group members and guests on the report "Exponential Roadmap: Scaling 36 Solutions to Halve Emissions by 2030." The report is produced by the Exponential Roadmap international coalition at It can be viewed or downloaded directly from their site at .… Continue Reading