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This PLM Green Alliance website page offers a comprehensive collection of useful resources and references on the contributions of PLM-enabling technologies and software solutions to Renewable Energy, Greener Products, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Climate Change, Decarbonization, Industry 4.0, and much more.

The references we are now collecting and reviewing include: white papers, articles, journal publications, blog posts, webinars, interviews, newsletters, presentations, recorded videos, conferences, and profiles of consulting service and software providers working in this space.

Send us your suggestions to be included, along with a link to the original source so we may reference it, to In addition to the submissions below you can find other resources referenced in the news feed of our PLM Green LinkedIn Group which we invite you to join now.

Climate Change News Digest March 2021 - This latest Climate Change News Digest offers busy PLM Green Global Alliance followers in one source a compendium of news, research, and announcements about climate change from around the world. While some climate news may be equally distressing and motivating, there is increasingly more good news from recent months. A remarkable consensus and urgency is emerging from political leaders, industry… Continue Reading
The Circular Economy Can Help Save The Planet - From a recent World Economic Forum article "The circular economy can help save the planet if we start innovating now – Transitioning to a holistic circular economic model is critical to reducing environmental degradation and prioritizing biodiversity and nature, while also delivering on future competitiveness. In a circular economy, waste is designed out, and products are instead looped back into the… Continue Reading
Circular Economy Crucial to Achieving Paris Climate Goals - From a World Circular Economy Forum + Climate press release: "The circular economy is crucial to achieving the Paris climate goals - If we are to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, the world needs to transition to a circular economy. A circular economy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 20 per cent and should thus be… Continue Reading
Technologies and Policies to Decarbonize Global Industry - The comprehensive paper "Technologies and policies to decarbonize global industry: Review and assessment of mitigation drivers through 2070" is a recommended read and resource for members of the PLM Green Global Alliance. One of the most surprising findings from the paper was how a few industries like iron, steel and cement making are responsible for so much of the industrial… Continue Reading
European Green Digital Coalition Launched - Members of the new European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) are committing to establish science-based targets for reducing GHG by 2030 and to become climate neutral or net-zero no later than 2040. Announced by the European Commission: "The CEOs of 26 European companies have signed a Declaration to support the Green and Digital Transformation of the EU. They have formed a European… Continue Reading
Climate Action Benchmark Report - "Climate Action 100+, the world’s largest investor engagement initiative on climate change, has released its first-ever benchmark evaluating the corporate ambition and action of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters and other companies with significant opportunity to drive the net zero transition. The Climate Action 100+ Net-Zero Company Benchmark offers the first detailed, comparative assessments of individual focus company performance… Continue Reading
Global CO2 Emissions from Aviation - This Our World In Data article on Climate Change and Flying reports that global aviation, before the pandemic, was responsible for only 2.5% of CO2 emissions. At first appearance that seems like a small number that may not justify all the investments in new technologies, or in reduction of travel, to have much of an impact in arresting climate change.… Continue Reading
Digital Twin of the Earth - From the World Economic Forum post on "Scientists are developing a digital twin of the Earth to fight climate change" the author Simone Ulmer writes "To become climate neutral by 2050, the European Union launched two ambitious programmes: "Green Deal" and "Digital Strategy". As a key component of their successful implementation, climate scientists and computer scientists launched the "Destination Earth"… Continue Reading
Resourcing the Energy Transition - PLM Green Alliance moderator Bjorn Fidjeland recommends reading the KPMG report on "Resourcing the energy transition: making the world go round" which explores the transition to renewable energy, a growing dependence on natural resources other than oil, and the crucial link to the circular economy. From the KPMG website "A net-zero world is dependent upon renewable energies to replace traditional… Continue Reading
Our World in Climate Data - The Our World in Data website provides research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems including climate change. An example are graphs of global CO2 emissions by region, country, source, GHG type, industry, and fuel source. Continue Reading
PLM and Product Design for a Circular Economy from Infosys - In this whitepaper on "PLM and Product Design for a Circular Economy" from Infosys the authors write: "In order to achieve the building blocks of a circular economy, there are two broad initiatives that equipment suppliers should adopt for product development in its evolution to match industry needs. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the workflow platform on which these changes… Continue Reading
Floating Wind Turbines Buoy Hopes of Expanding Renewable Energy - This Wall Street Journal article Floating Wind Turbines Buoy Hopes of Expanding Renewable Energy looks at offshore wind farms that no longer need to be embedded in the seafloor but can float in deeper waters. Continue Reading
Exploring the Intersection of PLM and Industry 4.0 - In this insightful article by Lionel Grealou on Exploring the Intersection of PLM and Industry 4.0 "It is often said that product lifecycle management (PLM) is an enabler to Industry 4.0. Enabled digital platforms include PLM, ERP, MES and many other processes, tools and technologies leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, simulation, additive manufacturing, automated robotization,… Continue Reading
Low Carbon Circular Economy - This Think2030 paper on "A Low Carbon and Circular Economy" looks at the opportunities for the circular economy to reduce the EU’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with three of its most carbon-intensive sectors: the built environment, mobility, and food, and makes recommendations for policies within the 2030 time horizon and beyond. Read more at Continue Reading
CIMdata PLM is Green - The PLM consulting firm CIMdata writes in their commentary PLM is Green: "The Critical Role of PLM - In complying with the increasing number and complexity of green regulations and requirements, too much is at stake to rely on manual operations and analyses performed late in development. For a growing number of companies, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enabling technologies and… Continue Reading
From Linear to Circular - From Linear to Circular is one of Ellen MacArthur Foundations' flagship learning programmes aimed at postgraduate students and professionals at the start of their circular economy career. It is a fantastic opportunity if you want to bring greater purpose to your work or research and want to become a circular economy advocate and catalyst within your organisation. Learn more HERE. Continue Reading
Climate Change News Digest January 2021 - This month's Climate Change News Digest shared with followers of the PLM Green Global Alliance has much news (both good and not so good), research, and announcements from around the world. The featured image this month is a graph of the average global temperature produced by the U.S. NOAA at   European climate researchers were quick to conclude at… Continue Reading
McKinsey on Climate Change - McKinsey on Climate Change - From McKinsey & Company "This special downloadable collection brings together recent McKinsey research and perspectives on the climate risks the world must confront and actions to reduce emissions." Read more HERE. Continue Reading
How the Circular Economy Tackles Climate Change - Completing the Picture: How the Circular Economy Tackles Climate Change - From the Ellen MacArthur Foundation "Completing the Picture highlights the indispensable role that the circular economy plays in tackling the climate crisis. It aims to demonstrate how circular economy principles and strategies significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions." Read this important paper HERE. Continue Reading
Responsible Value Chains Help Reach Sustainability - Responsible Value Chains Help Reach Sustainability - "This CIMdata commentary highlights the global need for drastic improvements in sustainability. Accenture, a leading global system integrator, has expansive goals for their own sustainability efforts and is transforming its Industry X practice to help their customers make equally impressive gains." Learn more HERE. Continue Reading
Are virtual twins key to achieving world’s sustainability goals? - "Disruptive innovations are needed to deliver the UN Sustainability Goals by 2030. Virtual twin technology could enable the radical action needed by stakeholders. Pioneering study highlights potential for this technology to help address climate crisis." Learn more in this World Economic Forum article from the Davos Agenda. Continue Reading
Rebooting PLM for a Circular Economy - "Rebooting PLM for a Circular Economy - Product lifecycle management needs a reboot. Growing concerns about sustainability, combined with recent technology advances, have driven the need to redefine product lifecycle management (PLM)."  Read more in this Forbes Council Post from Jeff Kavanaugh. Continue Reading
PLM for Sustainable Manufacturing - PLM and Sustainable Manufacturing - PLM Green Alliance theme moderator Lionel Grealou introduces the connection between PLM and Sustainable Manufacturing in his recent blog post. Continue Reading
Redefining PLM in a Circular Economy from Tata - In this whitepaper on "Redefining Product Lifecycle Management in a Circular Economy" from Tata Consultancy Services the authors write that "Companies can move to a circular economy by implementing the 5R approach (reduce, reuse, repurpose, remanufacture, and recycle). This shift will drive sustained growth, and impact how Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities are defined, implemented, and measured." Read more HERE. Continue Reading
Circular Economy and PLM from Technia - In this article on the Circular Economy and PLM from Technia the author writes "At Technia we are looking into developing the PLM tools that will enable companies to switch to a fully circular approach...PLM systems should serve as a major help for companies looking to switch to a circular (economy) model." Read more HERE. Continue Reading
PLM and Global Warming - In this blog post about PLM and Global Warming, Jos Voskuil writes "Climate change has always been there if we look at the history of our planet. We started to talk about Global Warming when scientist indicated that this time the climate change is caused by human intervention. As a result of vast amounts of carbon dioxide emissions, a greenhouse… Continue Reading
How Can PLM Make Sustainable Fashion Attainable from WhichPLM - In this blog post on "How Can PLM Make Sustainable Fashion Attainable" from WhichPLM the authors write "Long-term sustainability can create a stable environment for the employees and the business itself while preserving the planet and causing the least damage possible...This is where PLM comes into play." Read more HERE. Continue Reading
Will the Circular Economy Save the Planet? - What is the "Circular Economy" and what is its role in the production of durable consumer products? Read more in this timely article on "What is the Circular Economy" from Sierra Magazine. . Continue Reading
Greenhous Gas Emissions by Sector - The data from Our World in Data is a useful resource about the source of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions by sector of the economy, and thus where PLM technologies may have the most value. Continue Reading
Climate Change News Digest December 2020 - This month's Climate Change News Digest has much good news, research, and announcements to share from around the world. In a meeting of world leaders on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate accord, and one month after the US officially left it, President-elect Joe Biden restated his pledge for the US to rejoin. Heads of state and government officials… Continue Reading
European Climate Pact Announcement - CliThe European Commission has announced the European Climate Pact which is an EU-wide initiative that invites people, communities and organisations to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe. Visit their multi-language website HERE. Continue Reading
Sustainable Development Goals - The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) provide a number of objectives that address climate change which also indicate where the application of PLM-enabling technologies may be most valuable. Continue Reading
Climate Change News Digest November 2020 - For a digest of climate change news from around the world, read the latest edition of Bearing Witness to Climate Change November 2020. There is hope and much good news this month.  Read more HERE. Continue Reading
You Can Save The Planet - This whitepaper “You Can Save The Planet With Design and Engineering Simulation” is from Keith Hanna, Vice President of Marketing at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, who writes "Manufacturing processes today span everything from aerospace to automotive, energy generation to oil & gas, and electronics to shipbuilding. Yet, all these contribute to emissions and environmental pollution as well as intensive use of… Continue Reading
PLM Green Discussion on Exponential Roadmap - On Friday, December 4, the PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA) will host a live moderated discussion among its group members and guests on the report "Exponential Roadmap: Scaling 36 Solutions to Halve Emissions by 2030." The report is produced by the Exponential Roadmap international coalition at It can be viewed or downloaded directly from their site at .… Continue Reading