PLM Green Alliance Conversation and Collaboration

The PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA) is an open community where we invite participation and contributions from anyone with a sincere professional or personal interest in the role of PLM-enabling technologies in creating a more sustainable low-carbon circular economy.

How do we communicate and collaborate with each other?

To start out we are using LinkedIn Groups as our platform for the routine sharing of examples, resources, and news between our members from around the world. We invite you to visit then join our LI group at PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group. (When you do, don’t forget to turn on receiving group notifications.)

On LinkedIn we invite followers to share news, references, questions, examples, and case studies they may come across which illustrate the use of PLM technologies and engineering software solutions to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions, decarbonize industries, generate renewable energy, design more energy efficient products, support the circular economy, improve environmental and economic sustainability, and help create more resilient infrastructures to adapt to a changing climate.

For smaller group discussions outside of LinkedIn we from time-to-time host discussion forums with topics selected around each of the PLM Green Themes on climate change, sustainability, green energy, and the circular economy.

Our core group of volunteers, contributors and theme moderators typically meet monthly to plan more in-depth conversations and collaborations. We invite those interested in a particular topic to join us as a guest in our meetings by sending an email to

Each quarter we hope to organize larger meetings, conduct guest subject-matter expert interviews, host roundtable panels, and participate in webinars on specific topics nominated by group members. This may include review and discussion of conference presentations, technical papers, relevant articles and books, research, surveys, and news from solution providers. To receive notice of these meetings be sure to register to receive our news announcements and posts HERE.

What are the specific opportunities to participate and contribute?

Since the PGGA is currently an all-volunteer non-commercial organization, the input, ideas, participation and contributions from followers and members is greatly valued. We invite followers to contribute in any one of a number of opportunities where they can make a difference while growing their professional network:

  • Find, share, and comment on examples, resources and case studies from across our industry for posting our LI site and website at .
  • Moderate and curate a topical theme page on our website about a subject important to you, your employer or industry at, or help out with an existing theme as a co-moderator.
  • Volunteer with organizing our events like whitepaper reviews, book circles, and panel discussions similar to those at
  • Invite your professional contacts to join the PLM Green Alliance by sharing a link to our LI group and this website.
  • Attend or speak as a PLM Green ambassador at events, conferences, tradeshows, and webinars.
  • Engage the leadership of your own organization to champion the role of PLM in addressing climate change and sustainability.
  • Author or co-author a guest blog post, thought-leadership article, case study or poll/survey and in doing so become a recognized subject matter expert using our platform.
  • Provide advice and referrals to help guide and evolve our group’s reach, impact, marketing and relationships.
  • Contribute news and content to our new PLM & Sustainability news digest.
  • Help our WordPress webmaster with refreshing the look, content, and SEO performance of our association-like website.
  • Research new initiatives and services we could offer like a PLM Green validation, certification, or maturity assessment.
  • Nominate yourself or other senior professionals to join a new Board of Advisors to help guide our direction and evolution.
  • As we grow, help to identify potential sources of sponsorships, financial support, stipends for our contributors, and non-profit foundation grants.

To get started or for more information contact our co-founders Richard McFall at or Jos Voskuil at

Why join us now?

Are you often overwhelmed with the threat of climate change or the challenges of sustainability and feel helpless that there is little you can do about it? Do you struggle to align your personal values with your professional work?

If so this is THE professional group where your can begin to make a difference right now, no matter how little or much time you may have to offer. As young climate activist Greta Thunberg said:

The time left to achieve the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals and 2030 GHG emissions reductions is very short compared to the amount of work and level of transformation needed. Most of us will never again see this large of an professional opportunity, or magnitude of technical challenges, in our careers to make a difference.

Join us now!