Speed & Scale Climate Action Plan – Book Discussion

The PLM Green Global Alliance invites current and future followers to participate in a review and discussion of the new book from esteemed venture capitalist John Doerr, “Speed & Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now.” Learn more about this very timely book and what others have to say about it at https://speedandscale.com/.

In the book’s opening pages the author warns that the world is not doing nearly enough to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. He is not hesitant to say it is indeed time to panic if that’s what it takes to speed up investments in innovative technologies that can scale to help decarbonize the global economy of over 50 gigatons of emissions each year.

To keep the climate crisis from becoming a climate catastrophe, the book lays out a focused actionable plan consisting of ten major goals that are both motivating and measurable with specific objectives and key results.

Early this year in PLM Green blog posts and panel discussions we’ll share what we learned about each of the proposed ten elements (helpful for those who have not yet had time to read the book) and explore where PLM enabling technologies have the most potential to contribute. Some of these opportunities have already been identified in the recent PLM Green article on The Role of PLM in Slowing Climate Change and in a new commentary on the use of PLM in tracking carbon footprint to be published soon in Digital Engineering

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Until then, wishing you all a greener and more sustainable new year in 2022.

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