Discussing Sustainability with Aras

The PLM Green Global Alliance recently hosted its fifth panel discussion with solution providers to explore how PLM-enabling technologies can support the drive to sustainability. These interviews expand upon a series of earlier articles, available on the PLM Green website and in the PLM Green LinkedIn Group, that examine the contributions to sustainability from PLM solution providers, their consulting partners, and most importantly, industry customers.

This time we met with Aras which is now considered one of the eight top PLM Mindshare Leaders by the market analyst firm CIMdata. We were especially excited to speak to Aras since they were one of the first solution providers to talk openly about sustainability and resiliency. More recently, they have written about the role of PLM in powering “The Circular Economy as a Model for the Future”.

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Aras Publishes Circular Economy White Paper

The PLM solution provider Aras has announced availability of the white paper “The Circular Economy as a Model for the Future.”

Image Courtesy of Aras

The paper authors write “Awareness of sustainability is growing. Today’s consumers are often making an extra effort to purchase products whose suppliers produce them in an environmentally friendly way, recycle, and use natural ingredients. This represents a fundamental societal shift that puts pressure on every company.”

Answers to the following questions and more can be found in the white paper.

  • How can companies and their products become more sustainable?
  • How can they manage their entry into the circular economy?
  • What digital tools are already available to help with this initiative?

Of particular interest is the discussion on the role of PLM to provide traceability of product data and the use of digital twin models to connect the digital thread.

The paper includes an insightful interview with German automotive supplier Grammer Ag on how they will use PLM data management capabilities to meet their sustainability goals.

Download the paper off the Aras website HERE.