Discussing Sustainability with Aras

The PLM Green Global Alliance recently hosted its fifth panel discussion with solution providers to explore how PLM-enabling technologies can support the drive to sustainability. These interviews expand upon a series of earlier articles, available on the PLM Green website and in the PLM Green LinkedIn Group, that examine the contributions to sustainability from PLM solution providers, their consulting partners, and most importantly, industry customers.

This time we met with Aras which is now considered one of the eight top PLM Mindshare Leaders by the market analyst firm CIMdata. We were especially excited to speak to Aras since they were one of the first solution providers to talk openly about sustainability and resiliency. More recently, they have written about the role of PLM in powering “The Circular Economy as a Model for the Future”.

In early October, PLM Green Co-founder Jos Voskuil and Climate Change Moderator Klaus Brettschneider met virtually with Aras representatives Patrick Willemsen, Director of Technical Community EMEA and Matthias Fohrer, Director of Global Alliances EMEA.

You can read Jos’ summary on what was learned from the panel discussion HERE. Of special significance is the reference to having a data-driven cloud-based open infrastructure that supports the digital thread weaving through a product manufacturer’s organization and then across international borders of their global supply chain partners, few who will likely use the same PLM software.

Watch the 30-minute recorded interview below or directly on YouTube Here.

Slides shown during the interview, along with references to additional resources, can be viewed and downloaded at Aras PLM Green Discussion.

Our discussion with Aras, like those previously recorded with Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, SAP, and Sustaira (all available here with more to come soon) was very encouraging during a time when news about the worsening impact of climate change, energy shortages, and supply chain disruptions can be discouraging. Nearly every leading PLM solution provider is now visibly addressing the role of their technologies and solutions in creating more sustainable products, processes and a planet.

But only a few providers, most notably Aras, are acknowledging that sustainability cannot happen in a silo nor be achieved alone. Connections, collaborations, partnerships and alliances with others, even competitors, will be necessary to attain the level of innovation and progress which both customers and ultimately shareholders will expect. Aras’ enthusiasm for meeting with our modest PLM Green initiative demonstrates this openness.

To learn more, on October 25, Jos Voskuil from PLM Green will participate in an Aras webinar on “A Sustainable Future: Seize Opportunities When Someone Else Sees Costs” with registration available on the Aras website HERE.

Watch for more discussions to follow on the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability with large and small, old and new, solutions providers, consultants, thought leaders, authors, and subject matter experts. To receive notices, follow the PLM Green Alliance on LinkedIn and subscribe to our PLM & Sustainability News Digest.

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