PLM Green Announces Participation of CIMdata and Mark Reisig

The PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA) enthusiastically announces that CIMdata Executive Consultant Mark Reisig will be participating in our PLM Green initiative with the support of CIMdata, the leading global Product Lifecycle Management strategy consulting and research firm.

PLM Green’s nonprofit-like mission is to educate, advocate, and collaborate across the boundaries of technical disciplines, different industries, and international borders to advance the use of PLM in the transition to a sustainable decarbonized circular economy. As a result, the PGGA’s five core research themes include examining the intersection of PLM with: Sustainability, Green Energy, Circular Economy, Climate Change, and Life Cycle Assessment.

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Discussing PLM and Sustainability with CIMdata

Last year the PLM Green Global Alliance was excited to speak with PLM solution providers SAP, Autodesk, Dassault Systems, Sustaira, Aras, and PTC to learn about them and their customers’ contributions to sustainability. This year we were equally enthused to meet with CIMdata’s Mark Reisig in a wide-ranging conversation about sustainability, climate change and green energy.

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CIMdata PLM is Green

The PLM consulting firm CIMdata writes in their commentary PLM is Green: “The Critical Role of PLM – In complying with the increasing number and complexity of green regulations and requirements, too much is at stake to rely on manual operations and analyses performed late in development. For a growing number of companies, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enabling technologies and processes are becoming indispensable in optimizing a product’s greenness.” Read more HERE.

Responsible Value Chains Help Reach Sustainability

Responsible Value Chains Help Reach Sustainability – “This CIMdata commentary highlights the global need for drastic improvements in sustainability. Accenture, a leading global system integrator, has expansive goals for their own sustainability efforts and is transforming its Industry X practice to help their customers make equally impressive gains.” Learn more HERE.