Discussing PLM and Sustainability with CIMdata

Last year the PLM Green Global Alliance was excited to speak with PLM solution providers SAP, Autodesk, Dassault Systems, Sustaira, Aras, and PTC to learn about them and their customers’ contributions to sustainability. This year we were equally enthused to meet with CIMdata’s Mark Reisig in a wide-ranging conversation about sustainability, climate change and green energy.

Mark is the Director & Executive Consultant for the new Sustainability and Green Energy consulting practice at CIMdata. We at PLM Green were encouraged to see CIMdata, which was already well known and respected for its education, research, and management consulting in PLM, add this new practice area in 2022.

In Mark’s discussion with PLM Green contributors Klaus Brettschneider and Jos Voskuil he shared how his personal passion for environmental issues evolved and how his professional work supporting the energy and aerospace industries, including his last position as Vice President of Product Marketing at Aras, led him to creating an ever so timely green energy practice.

Takeaways from our encouraging conversation with Mark include:

  • CIMdata has long understood the role and value of PLM in powering a more sustainable circular green economy.
  • Since the environmental impact of a product is locked in in an early design stage, creating sustainable products requires prioritizing circularity as a design strategy from the onset.
  • A data-driven approach to corporate sustainability is required to measure and determine the environmental impact of products and provide metrics to drive success.
  • Sustainability must be embedded inside of PLM strategies and solutions with more transparency in the supply chain.
  • Sustainability is, in many cases, already a market differentiator and will be even more crucial in the future.
  • PLM solution providers alone won’t be able to drive the innovation needed as sustainable levels of motivation will have to come from industry users.

Watch the interview now below or later on YouTube HERE.

Slides from the panel discussion may be viewed HERE courtesy of CIMdata.

Learn more about CIMdata’s new Sustainability and Green Energy Practice, including Mark’s research and growing list of publications, HERE. Of particular interest to PLM Green followers should be CIMdata’s recent webinar on “Meeting Sustainability and Green Energy Objectives” where Mark shared results and insightful analysis from a recent survey of industrial companies.

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