Discussing Sustainability with PLM Solution Provider Dassault Systèmes

The PLM Green Global Alliance recently hosted its third panel discussion to explore how PLM-enabling technologies are supporting the sustainability imperative. These interviews expand upon our earlier article on the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability by examining the progress in sustainability being made by PLM solution providers, their partners and customers.

This time PLM Green co-founders Jos Voskuil and Klaus Brettschneider met virtually with executives from Dassault Systèmes (3DS), considered by many to be the market leader in enterprise PLM. Their discussion was with Florence Verzelen, Executive Vice President of Industry Marketing and Sustainability and Xavier Adam, Senior Manager of Worldwide Sustainability.

Jos and Klaus were anxious to speak with Florence and Xavier after seeing recent 3DS announcements about Sustainable Innovation Intelligence and the new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) solution.

During the half-hour discussion, the panelists explored the following questions and topics:

  • Why is sustainability important to 3DS and at what levels?
  • What are the goals and plans for supporting sustainability?
  • What does sustainability encompass; it is more than products and profits?
  • How does 3DS “walk the talk”?
  • Where do sustainability solutions fit within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?
  • What is Life Cycle Assessment and why is it a holistic approach that provides digital continuity?
  • How can the use of virtual digital twins help to reduce gigatons of CO2e emissions?
  • What is Eco-Design and how does it contribute to the Digital Product Passport initiative?
  • What industries are most in receptive to your vision of sustainability?
  • Where can we learn more about what 3DS partners and customers are doing?

You can read Jos’ commentary on the panel discussion HERE, then watch the recorded interview below or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3V3OrvSmNc

The slides shared may be viewed separately HERE, courtesy of Dassault Systèmes.

This discussion, like those with Autodesk and SAP, was ever so encouraging for numerous reasons. More (but not yet all) of the leading providers of PLM-enabling solutions appear to be taking the global sustainability imperative seriously in their own company operations, product portfolios and customer marketing.

Equally hopeful is witnessing increased levels of international collaboration across the global business community to address the technology challenges of climate change and decarbonization. That is clearly demonstrated by the enthusiasm of solution providers like Dassault Systèmes to speak with professional groups like the PLM Green Global Alliance, which is appreciated.

Watch for more discussions on PLM and Sustainability with large and small, old and new, solution providers alike. To receive notices follow the PLM Green Global Alliance on LinkedIn and subscribe to receive our news announcements by email.

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