Green and Digital Transformation

In the recent article “Green and Digital Transformation: PLM, ERP, Industry 4.0 toward Sustainable Innovation” PLM Green Global Alliance participant Lionel Grealou examines how enterprise platforms can contribute to sustainability goals.

Sustainability is on the agenda of every organization. Most OEMs and their supply chains have embraced the mantra of sustainability. This includes digital enterprise platform vendors which, like any other organization, are committed to sustainability.

Enterprise platform editors, a.k.a. PLM and ERP vendors, are being more and more open with their position on sustainability, both for themselves in building greener operations and in positioning their solutions to help manufacturers and the wider society in managing sustainability goals. This covers data traceability to sustainable requirements throughout the product lifecycle, meeting associated legislative requirements and tracking compliance and non-compliance implications.

In this article, I highlight how mainstream PLM and ERP editors communicate about their sustainability commitment on their website in context of the United Nations’ 17 goals toward sustainable development, and the recently announced European Green Digital Coalition.”

Read the full article HERE including Lionel’s take on what PLM solution providers are and are not saying about sustainability.