Discussing Sustainability with Autodesk

The PLM Green Global Alliance recently hosted its second panel discussion exploring sustainability topics with PLM-enabling technology and solution software providers. These forums expand upon our recent article on the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability by examining the progress in sustainability being made by solution providers, their partners, and customers.

This time, PLM Green co-founders Jos Voskuil and Klaus Brettschneider spoke with representatives from Autodesk, a well known leader of software solutions for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries. Their interview was with Zoé Bezpalko, Autodesk’s Sustainability Strategy Manager for Design & Manufacturing Industries, and Jon den Hartog, Product Manager for Autodesk’s PDM and PLM solutions.

Jos and Klaus were excited to speak with Zoe and Jon after seeing numerous Autodesk announcements about the growing importance of sustainability and to hear how Autodesk is walking the green talk.

In a fast paced 30-minute discussion the panelists explored the following topics:

  • Why is sustainability important to Autodesk and at what levels?
  • When and how does Autodesk plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions within its own operations?
  • What are the sustainability-related challenges and opportunities that Autodesk hears from its customers?
  • How can generative design and additive manufacturing technologies contribute to sustainability goals?
  • Where do Autodesk products like Fusion 360 and the Forge platform play a role in circular design?
  • How will Autodesk’s product information modeling capabilities in openness, extensibility and associativity help customers extract and report sustainability-related data like carbon footprints?
  • What are examples from Autodesk customers?
  • Where can one go to learn more and what is the Autodesk Sustainability Hub?

You can read Jos’ initial commentary on the panel discussion HERE, then watch the recorded interview below or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPmX5Zed8JA.

The slides referenced during the discussion, provided courtesy of Autodesk, share  additional information about Autodesk’s support of sustainability and may be viewed HERE.

This discussion, like that with SAP recently, was ever so encouraging for many reasons. It’s motivating to see nearly all the leading providers of PLM-enabling technologies and solutions take sustainability seriously. However, equally notable is witnessing the increased level of international collaboration that addressing the challenges of sustainability and decarbonization is creating across the global business community. As example, it was a pleasure to listen to all the multi-cultural accents in this one conversation as it is seeing all the different countries represented by members of the PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group.

Stay tuned for more discussions on PLM and Sustainability with large and small, old and new, solution providers alike. To receive notices follow the PLM Green Global Alliance on LinkedIn and subscribe to receive our news announcements by email.

2 thoughts on “Discussing Sustainability with Autodesk

  1. Jos Voskuil – Amersfoort NL – As an independent PLM consultant I am focusing on bringing modern PLM to mid-market companies. A mission based on experiences from all around the world, working with the big enterprises but also very small mid-market companies. It is the human side that interests me the most ...
    Jos Voskuil on said:

    Thanks for this summary Rich – perhaps an interesting fact to mention. The black background from Autodesk”s logo and websites is the most sustainable color (low energy usage) for a green future.

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