PLM Green Invites Your Participation and Collaboration

Are you passionate about both working in PLM and protecting the planet’s sustainability for future generations? If so, we want to hear your recommendations and invite your participation as we grow.

Image Credit from Sustainableish

The PLM Green Global Alliance, an international non-commercial volunteer-run group, invites participation from and collaboration with its followers as we explore and advance the role of PLM-enabling technologies (PDM, CAE, 3DP, MBSE, MDO, LCA, CFD, CM, HPC, VR/AR, etc.) in creating a sustainable low-carbon circular economy.

Start by registering to receive our PLM & Sustainability newsletter for news about the initiatives we are planning or already working on that could use your guidance and skills. Then send us an email with your own ideas for guest blogs, discussion forums, roundtable panels, interviews, book reviews, website content, surveys or research topics that are important to your career, your employer, or industry.

By using the PLM Green platform to combine our professional interests with our personal values, we can individually and collectively begin to make a difference during a time when sustainability challenges appear so overwhelming that we risk doing nothing.

This is no time to sit on the sidelines of such important issues, as young activist Greta Thunberg reminds us.

Whether you are a recent college grad, midcareer professional, or nearing retirement,  join us on LinkedIn then volunteer your ideas and enthusiasm, followed by a few hours of your time and expertise, with an email to

To learn more about specific opportunities to contribute and collaborate with others, while growing your international network and adding a volunteer activity on your LI profile, visit our PLM Green Conversation and Collaborations website page then let us hear from you!

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