PLM Green Alliance Conversation and Collaboration

To start out we are using LinkedIn Groups as our platform for the routine sharing of examples and resources between our international PLM Green Global Alliance members. Visit then join our group at PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group.

To initiate conversations we have recently added a discussion forum function for members of the group HERE where communications will be centered around each of the PLM Green Themes.

For more meaningful collaborations our core group of volunteers, contributors and theme moderators will be meeting monthly. We invite those interested in participating to join us for a meeting with an email to

Quarterly we plan to host larger meetings, webinars, guest subject-matter expert speakers, and roundtable panels to explore specific topics nominated by group members. This may include review and discussion of conference presentations, technical papers, relevant articles and books, research, surveys, and theme updates. To receive notice of these meetings be sure to register to receive our news announcements and posts HERE.

Below is a sampling of group news and announcements posted on the PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group. The items shared include references and examples illustrating the use of PLM technologies and engineering software solutions to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions, generate renewable energy, design more energy efficient products, support the circular economy, create resilient infrastructures, and improve environmental and economic sustainability.