PLM and Climate Change

Summary & Goals

The goal of the PLM Green discussion forum and working group on Climate Change, led by Klaus Brettschneider, is to investigate and validate the use of PLM-enabling business strategies and software technologies that can reduce human-generated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We hope to clearly answer the question of what is the role, potential, and value of PLM in addressing the most important challenge facing humankind this century, climate change.

Theme Moderators

Klaus Brettschneider

Richard McFall

Focus & Objectives

Product Lifecycle Management strategies and systems allow organizations to manage a product’s lifecycle in all its aspects including structures, components, materials, suppliers, and ingredients. Managing the lifecycle from inception to disposal allows organizations today to optimize manufacturing processes, to document its material or ingrediencies composition and to make sure that products comply with local or international regulations.

We firmly believe that PLM can help organizations to understand and analyze the effect of its product design, methods of production, and supply chain choices on their carbon footprint. Accordingly, we seek to educate, collaborate, and advocate for the role of PLM business strategies, enabling technologies, software solutions, and professionals in addressing climate change due to human-generated greenhouse gas emissions.

This includes how the application of PLM tools, processes, and best practices can help assess, reduce, mitigate, and adapt our industries, communities, and economies to the rapidly-intensifying effects of climate change. As example, candidate topics from which we hope to research and document the use of PLM-enabling technologies include:

  • make products and processes more efficient, sustainable, and green
  • understand the impact on carbon footprint of design and production processes and changes to them
  • decarbonize entire industries and economies
  • find and develop new sources of renewable green energy
  • store and transmit alternative energy supplies
  • reduce or sequester human-made carbon emissions
  • capture naturally produced greenhouse and methane gasses
  • pioneer and deploy green manufacturing processes
  • design products and their lifecycles to be environmentally friendly
  • simulate and test global geoengineering technologies as solutions
  • recycle, reuse, or repurpose assets, materials, and natural resources
  • minimize or mitigate the damages to infrastructures from global warming
  • monitor a warming planet, changing weather patterns, and impact of climate change
  • enhance the resiliency and sustainability of industries, communities and economies

Agenda & Activities

We will be pursuing the objectives by an agenda composed of a number of elements including discussion groups, virtual roundtables, published articles, interviews, industry surveys, and cooperative events with other organizations. Follow our progress, or better yet join us, with an email to

Announcements & Updates

International members of the PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA) met recently to discuss the timely new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need.” The panel discussion was moderated by PGGA co-founder Jos Voskuil with participants Klaus Brettschneider, Lionel GrealouPatrick HillbergIlan Madjar, and Richard McFall. Listen to the discussion HERE.

Invitation to Participate & Collaborate

To participate in our PLM Green theme sub-group we invite you to first join the PLM Green Global Alliance LinkedIn Group at then contact one of our moderators.

References & Resources

Here we have started creating a curated list of featured white papers, blog posts, presentations, case studies, webinars, and recorded interviews on the role of PLM-enabling technologies in addressing climate change. We invite you to send us examples you have come across in your own work, company, industry, or country to

Carbon Capture From Climeworks and Accenture - Climeworks and Accenture are collaborating to use new digital technologies to develop a carbon direct air capture and storage plant in Iceland. The carbon removed from the atmosphere will be sequestered underground where in two years it will turn to stone. This can certainly help as one component… Continue Reading
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Six Ways to Monitor Environmental Footprint from XLM Solutions - In this post the author and PLM Green Global Alliance contributor Ilan Madjar from XLM Solutions writes: "Today, the topic of climate change and environmental awareness is at the forefront of society’s thoughts and actions as well as affecting governmental policies. Every day there is growing awareness of the problems… Continue Reading
Net Zero by 2050 from IEA - The International Energy Agency has published a new report "Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector." The authors write in their introduction that "The number of countries announcing pledges to achieve net-zero emissions over the coming decades continues to grow. But the pledges by governments to… Continue Reading
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PLM Green Global Alliance is Launched

June 2020 (United States, Netherlands, Norway) – The launch of and participation in a new international collaboration, the PLM Green Global Alliance (“PGGA”), has been announced by Richard McFall from PLM Alliances, Jos Voskuil from TacIT, Oleg Shilovitsky from Beyond PLM, and Bjorn Fidjeland from plmPartner.

The coalition was founded with the mission to create a global connection and community between professionals who use, develop, market, or support Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enabling technologies and software solutions that have value in addressing the causes and consequences of climate change due to human-generated greenhouse gas emissions such that we create a more sustainable circular economy.

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