The Sustainability Thread

The topic of sustainability was high on the agenda of the SAP Product Lifecycle Management Info Days event held this past September in Hershey, PA, just west of SAP America’s HQ outside of Philadelphia.

Most SAP customer presentations at the annual event referenced the growing need to provide product data to support their company’s sustainability programs and business goals. Likewise, many informal conversations over breaks and meals also touched upon green topics.

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Climate Change Chronicles October 2023

The latest Climate Change Chronicles from the PLM Green Global Alliance provides a quick-to-scan summary of news during October 2023 from around the world about the changing climate and its impact on people and the planet.

I am often asked if the distressing news about climate change does not depress me. Not at all. As someone who was educated as an engineer (like many of our PLM Green followers and contributors) I am energized by analyzing problems, confronting challenges, and collaborating on solutions. I hope our readers working in PLM are equally motivated as achieving sustainability will require all of our professional  contributions.

Our good news quiz question of the month: what European capital announced a ban on all gasoline powered vehicles in their city center by 2025? Read on to find out and learn what else might have been missed in your own news feeds.

(For more good news and uplifting discussions about the use of PLM-enabling technologies in creating a sustainable low-carbon circular economy, join the PLM Green LinkedIn Group.)

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PLM Green Talking About Green PLM

Since our start in earnest in 2020, the PLM Green Global Alliance has participated in discussion panels with solution providers Aras, Autodesk, Dassault Systems, PTC, SAP, and Sustaira.  In these interviews our focus was to learn about their thought leadership, products, and experience implementing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to support Sustainability initiatives.

Our last interview earlier this year was with a PLM consultancy representative, Mark Reisig, who is a Sustainability and Green Energy Practice Director & Executive Consultant at CIMdata. You can find that interview here with a recording we encourage you to also watch.

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PLM Green Expands Circular Economy Coverage

The PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA) is excited to announce that Patrice Quencez, Director Consultant and Deputy Director of CIMPA PLM Services, has volunteered to lead our coverage of the role of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategies, technologies, and solutions in creating a new global Circular Economy.

The concept of the Circular Economy (CE) is straight forward enough: to keep products and their component materials in use for a longer time before they are discarded with the value lost forever. However, the process of creating an inherently more sustainable decarbonized circular economy from the current carbon-intensive linear economy is not as simple.

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