PLM Green Expands Circular Economy Coverage

The PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA) is excited to announce that Patrice Quencez, Director Consultant and Deputy Director of CIMPA PLM Services, has volunteered to lead our coverage of the role of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategies, technologies, and solutions in creating a new global Circular Economy.

The concept of the Circular Economy (CE) is straight forward enough: to keep products and their component materials in use for a longer time before they are discarded with the value lost forever. However, the process of creating an inherently more sustainable decarbonized circular economy from the current carbon-intensive linear economy is not as simple.

The CE transition will take transformational thought leadership, innovations, and implementations pioneered by professionals including, most importantly, those working in PLM. It is expected that the move to a CE will generate many new business models, investments, technologies, and professional opportunities in PLM which PGGA participants like Patrice are well-qualified to contribute.

Similar to PGGA’s other research themes (e.g., Sustainability, Climate Change, Green Energy, and soon to be announced Life Cycle Assessment) the Circular Economy effort will work to educate, advocate, and collaborate across the boundaries of technical disciplines, different industries, and international borders to advance the value of PLM in supporting a transition to the Circular Economy.

Patrice shared his plans when he said: “We will pursue these objectives using a plan selected from numerous elements such as: point-of-view commentaries, use case profiles, discussion roundtables, articles and blog posts, book and paper reviews, SME interviews, industry surveys, conference presentations, and participation as guest speakers in webinars. A priority will be offering support and encouragement to PLM professionals around the world that will amplify our collective voices, actions, and effectiveness.”

He went on to say “Our near-term focus will be on how best industry can take advantage of all the existing ‘PLM Levers’ for supporting the Circular Economy, as well as defining what new advancements in capabilities, implementations, and user applications will be needed in the future.” Learn more about these PLM levers in this recent LinkedIn newsletter article from Patrice.

PLM Green co-founder Jos Voskuil added: “I am excited that Patrice and CIMPA will lead us in our work related to Sustainability and the Circular Economy. Given CIMPA’s real-world experience in assisting demanding industries, like aviation and aerospace, Patrice will help span the gap between abstract conceptualization and actual application of PLM in advancing a Circular Economy.”

The PGGA was started in 2020 in the U.S. by Richard McFall and in the E.U. by Jos Voskuil whose motivation as PLM-industry veterans was to foster a non-commercial international community and collaborative network comprised of working professionals, students, and retirees who shared a common interest in both PLM and leaving behind a more sustainable economy and planet for future generations.

Additional information and resources on PLM and the Circular Economy can be found on the PLM Green website as well as on the PLM Green LinkedIn Group page or by contacting us at

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