PLM & Sustainability August 2022

Experienced Product Lifecycle Management professionals, consultants, and solution providers all know that the biggest obstacle to implementing a PLM strategy is not in technology or software, but in business organizational cultures that resist critical self-examination and change, despite being confronted by inconvenient facts which threaten their performance or even survival.

Sound familiar to the hesitation and denial surrounding climate change that slows our global transition to a net-zero economy?

PLM consultants also tell their clients that every product manufacturer or process producer executes some form of PLM, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. The lack of a PLM business strategy, implementation plan, or supporting software solution is in fact one, albeit negligent, form of PLM.

Even when the “M” in this case is also for mismanagement.

Humans are well underway with our Planet Lifecycle Mismanagement – the other more important PLM – because we have had decades of warnings to start managing our resource utilization better by reducing GHG emissions from the burning of fossils fuels.

Read further about how Product Lifecycle Management can help us with the other more important PLM of our generation, Planet Lifecycle Management, in the PLM & Sustainability August 2022 Newsletter from the PLM Green Global Alliance published on LinkedIn.