News on the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability June 2022

Welcome to the first edition of a monthly news digest from the PLM Green Global Alliance exploring the role of Product Lifecycle Management technologies in transitioning to a low-carbon sustainable circular economy. Our goal is to foster a global network that shares information between professionals who use, develop, research, market, consult, teach, or support PLM-enabling business strategies, technologies, and software solutions that can contribute to a more sustainable economy.

How Can PLM Contribute to Sustainability?

If you are new to PLM Green or uncertain about the application of PLM in sustainability, we recommend starting with these recent articles; one from PLM Coach Jos Voskuil examining the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability, another from PLM Practice Director Klaus Brettschneider on the use of PLM in Tracking Carbon Footprint, and a final one from PLM Green cofounder Richard McFall on the Role of PLM in Slowing Climate Change.

Featured Interview of the Month

It’s encouraging to witness over the past year that most, but not yet all, of the leading PLM solution providers are aggressively addressing sustainability in their business strategy, marketing collaterals, product portfolios, and customer success stories. In our continuing series of interviews with PLM solution providers, PLM Green co-founders Jos Voskuil and Klaus Brettschneider recently spoke with Dassault Systems sustainability executives to understand how 3DS is very much walking the green talk with its customers. Visit the PLM Green website to view previously recorded panel discussions with SAP and Autodesk with more to come.

Product & Planet Lifecycle Management

A provocative post from PLM Green cofounder Richard McFall asks what can be learned from Product Lifecycle Management as humanity struggles with the other more important PLM: Planet Lifecycle Management and to keep the “M” from becoming Mismanagement.

Solution Provider Sustainability News Roundup

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Climate Change News Summary

The volume of news about climate change and progress now being made in reducing greenhouse emissions can be overwhelming. It’s even more so as industries, governments, NGOs, and technology providers around the world make sustainability a priority. Each month we collect the most significant climate change news items in a summary that is quick to scan for what might have missed in your own feeds. Read the recent Climate Change News Digest from May 2022 where recorded levels of CO2 in the atmosphere set new highs.

PLM Green Resource of the Month

The article Decarbonizing the Atmosphere: Opportunities and Cautions provides a balanced review, written for engineers by the Tau Beta Pi engineering society, of the challenges and risks involved in technologies that can help reduce, capture and sequester, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Check out more resources and example applications that we have begun collecting on the PLM Green website.

Welcome New Members and Contributions

The PLM Green Alliance is a voluntary collaboration among participants from countries around the world who represent all career stages including students, recent grads, practicing engineers, consultants, entrepreneurs, CEOs and even the recently retired. Many of our followers are anxious to apply both their professional skills and personal values in helping to address the biggest sustainability business challenges and corresponding technology opportunities, like transportation electrification and industry decarbonization, that we will likely ever see over their careers.

We can’t imagine a more exciting and motivating time to be working at the Intersection of PLM and Sustainability! Expand your professional network and credentials by joining our PLM Green LinkedIn Group then contribute to its mission by sharing your own posts or volunteering to help out.

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