Circular Economy of Large Complex Systems from CIMPA

In this article from Patrice Quencez, Director Consultant of CIMPA PLM Services and PLM Green Circular Economy (CE) contributor, discusses the deployment, completion, and reinforcement of PLM capabilities to meet sustainability stakes of complex systems with long lifecycles, such as those found in aviation and aerospace. Patrice writes:

“Even if today more and more companies are integrating sustainability in their strategy, some business sectors already run practices and capabilities which can be extrapolated, adapted for circular economy (see article PLM for CE). These sectors deal with large complex systems with long cycle as examples: Nuclear Plants, Transportation systems, Buildings and Civil Work Infrastructures, Aircraft, Naval ships, submarines…”

Circular Economy of Large Complex Systems

Image courtesy of CIMPA PLM Services

“The complexity, the size of these systems, the duration and the costs of their development encourage their exploitation the longest time possible with maintenance, improvement, adaptation of their performances. Numerous of these products have also sensitive impacts (or risks) on the environment and people health (ex.: aeronautic, nuclear, building, Spatial vehicles…)”

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